Terry Anderson

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Like the recently departed Chuck Berry, Terry Anderson knows how to distill rock-and-roll to its essence and show what a pure, liberating joy it can be. So, enter “Jimmy’s Arcade,” and be prepared to have a blast. This could be Terry’s best album, which is saying a lot.
As a songwriter, Terry Anderson is massively underappreciated (we don’t make the Chuck comparisons lightly). Sure, the singer-drummer can be hilarious. But he’s also slyly smart – there’s a lot going on under that Southern-hick persona and song titles like “Cash Dat Check,” “Big Ol’ Woman,” and “Eat My Dust.” Here, from the typically hook-heavy songs to the faux “commercial” interludes, he brilliantly creates a world that is wacky and wonderful and, in its own way, true to life. And he makes sure it all rocks like crazy from start to – well, not quite finish, because “Jimmy’s Arcade” concludes with an absolutely gorgeous ballad, “Carl Wilson.”
- Nick Cristiano

Jimmy's Arcade from the album.