April 2017


I can honestly say I've never been prouder of a record in my life! It's the most ME effort ever! Not that I had much more to do with it than writing the songs, singing and playing a little guitar here and there, it really IS like my dream record. I've always wanted to put out something in the vein of Dave Edmunds "DE7" mixed with a little funkiness AND some silliness.
So here ya go!!

First at bat is a little introduction to me via our good friend, Mr. Don Dixon! We've known him since the late 70's! Yes! NINETEEN 70's! He took me along with him for my first trip overseas! Wow! I think back and remember those gigs! Opening for Talk Talk in Rotterdam, opening for Gram Parsons in Belgium, playing a sold out/three encore bitch at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. You wanna talk about fun?!
SO MUCH FUN! and I love the guy to death!

This little ditty I walked around singing for years and finally decided to put some verses to. It's about as stupid as you can get! Wouldn't you agree?

You wanna talk serendipity!! So this track I laid down was an idea that popped up one day but I needed lyrics. WHAT the hell is this about? So I brought in a few of my notebooks full of words and musings and about 4 or 5 pages in were these beautiful, perfect lyrics for this track. They were so perfect that there was a double verse and everything! It was CRAZY!! Dan Baird kicks ASS on this one!

This is an old one that I've always wanted to do...well...THIS with! Dan Baird again plays his ass off with a couple of local boys on guitar! Ha!

So we started laying down these dumbass commercials just for fun! Just to make us laugh. This one is all Will, my super talented, creative genius son. We had already done a few at Jack's so he knew what we were looking for. I just went downstairs and started hollerin shit to it!
Turned out so good, we named the whole damn record after it!

NO we weren't smoking pot when we did this! But it does sound like it! Jack said we needed one about "Miss Tiny". OK what?! So I threw this up and come back the next day and he had sped up my voice and laid down a funky bass part and ER'THANG!!!

Back in 2012, I had this idea to write a song about Mitt Romney. Well I never finished the lyrics and with the misfortune of our current (whatever he is!) I got inspired to say a few things about HIM!

I wanted to write a song with a bass line like this. So Jack had me play it on a 6 string bass that wouldn't stay in tune. That's what you hear at the top. I didn't have much else. Will came up with the B part and I loved it. The lyrics are about dumb as shit! My specialty!

This is an old song from The Woods days. That was an old band Jack an I were in that still holds a special place in the hearts of many. I can't EVEN tell you how many great songs came outta this band. But anyway, we did a gig ONE night as The K-Mart Hot Dogs! This is a song I wrote for that show (I guess I did! We never played it again!).
It is about my aunt who had some "challenges" mentality. My grandma had a measles shot and didn't know she was pregnant sooo...anyway!

We were driving through WV one day and saw the sign. So we started singin this little ditty! Dave came up with the last line "5 dollar pieces of shit strowed everywhere!"

This is an actual store is downtown Bunn, NC. Well...it WAS! Then the big chain store came in and ran'm out of business! People would drive 30/40 miles away to buy their meat!

This one has been rolling around in my head FOR...EVER!!! I finally finished it, localized the lyrics and it is what it is! Duuuumb! I LOVE Scott McCall's playing on it!!

This is a dumbass old song Me and Dan wrote trying to crack each other up! We went to Kure Beach NC a loooong ass time ago, writing for his first solo record! I'm glad it didn't end up on HIS record! They'd have dropped him like a hot potato! Much love to Debra DeMilo for her part in these shenanigans!

This an oldie but a goodie!
I recorded it with The Hot Skillet Lickers but felt like it needed new life. Love Jack's bass tone!

Heeeew boy!!!!!

I was driving into Southern Virginia to pick up my kid when this hit me outta the blue! The melody is perfect...I gots NO CLUE about the car crashes!

I felt the need in the din of all the hate and political rhetoric to write a song like this. I NEEDED IT! I hope you will listen to it when you're down or worried that things will never get better...because they will.

This is my favorite song on the record for many reasons. I laid down the track in my basement one Saturday on guitar. About 2 hours later my son comes upstairs to to tell me to "check it out"...what you hear is what I heard, minus bass and guitar solo. I sang the lead and then we started piling up bg's! We turned up an old Fender amp to "uncontrollable", I played the first bit, then Will finished it! After six hours we were done, except for Jack's purty bass playing!
It's really hard for me to listen to without crying! I'm really REALLY proud of this song!...AND this record!!

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