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Kids are going crazy for the new record!
Oh I like this music a lot.
I want to have my next birthday party at Jimmy's Arcade. And eat Jack's Hot Dogs!
- Ronan Monahan, age 9

HEY! I wanted to have MY next birthday party at Jimmy's Arcade!
- Seamus Monahan, age 11 and a half

Hey folks! I sure hope y'all will tune in Thursday night to WCOMFM.ORG from 8-10pm! I'll be talking Jimmy's Arcade, Yayhoos, OAKTeam, FabKnobs, Woods, Big Al...whew! Yeah! All that! Please join the fun! Here's the link to the listen online page.
WCOMFM stream
- Terry

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It never gets old the first time you hear your song on the radio…. WooHoo!

Hi-Rez Arcade

Is there any interest in high resolution .wav or FLAC files? 24/96
We can make this happen if you like…. email …. or
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