Doublenaught Records

Here is the direct link to the Terry Anderson store at doublenaughtrecords.
We added t-shirts and drink Koozies

Terry and The Yayhoos

Here is a link to the Yayhoos dates.
Terry should have information on upcoming shows supporting Jimmy's Arcade.

Birdland Music In-Store

Virginia Beach, Virginia 1pm Saturday May 27. Cmon out for a visit and listen to Terry and Jack try out some of the songs live and In Person!!!!!

951 Providence Square Sc
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
United States

Liver Than You'll Ever Be!

Git It!

Vinyl Update

So yeah, the 12" vinyl won't be in our hands for a few more weeks. Later in June. The 7" single pre-orders will ship May 26 along with the pre-order CD's.
Hang in there vinyl folks…. they are coming!
Digital lovers: if you pre-ordered at iTunes then the album will be become available on this Friday May 26.
The rest of the streaming world will have the whole record as well.
Thanks everyone for your support.


Here ya go, If you want the single right now you can pre-order the album at iTunes and the single will be yours!
The album will download automatically (usually) next Friday May 28.

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