Dan Baird

As many are aware Dan has CLL and has taken the rest of the year off for treatment and recovery. We love Dan (duh) and are confident that he will be successful in his battle with CLL. That being said, we have had a longterm relationship with Dan back to the 80's. Dan was generous enough to play on three tracks on Jimmy's Arcade (one is a TA/DB co-write). Two of those songs are on the 7" vinyl we released as a single. His playing is so badass that we just had to! Anyway, we thought it would a nice way to fundraise for Dan by making the single available with a donation of $20 with all proceeds going directly to Dan. The single is available through doublenaughtrecords.com. If you want to donate more contact us directly for details. doublenaughtrecords@gmail.com

thank you

“I gotta take a leave of absence for the rest of the year,” Baird wrote on
Facebook. “It’s a medical thing, CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Knew I had it and it was coming, but I thought it was a couple of years off. Not so.”

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