KNOCK IT OFF 7" Single

Pre-Order Ships May 26

Knock It Off b/w
Never Get Enough Of You
Terry's new rock n roll smash hit!
Includes a download card for both songs
in glorious 24/48 virgin digital.

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Release Date May 26 2017
$ 10.00

Jimmy's Arcade CD

Pre-Order Ships June 2

18 Top Hits!
It's a concept!
It's a trip!
It's everything you've ever wanted!
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Release Date June 2 2017
$ 15.00

Jimmy's Arcade 12' Vinyl

Pre-Order Ships June 2

This is it!
12" of high quality black vinyl!
Not one, but two platters that will
spin your head at 45rpm...
All 18 top pop hits in highest rockin' fidelity.
The first 100 preorders get extra cool swag.
Don't hesitate!
Shipping the beginning of June.
But wait! There's more!
Every copy of Jimmy's Arcade LP will NOT come with a download!
Every copy ships with the FULL CD!!!!!

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Release Date June 2 2017
$ 30.00

Jimmy's Vinyl Package

Pre-Order Ships June 2

All of the luscious black vinyl in the same shipping swanky swag.
The single comes with a download card.
Don't forget...the full CD comes with the LP... Win! Win! Winning!

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Release Date June 2 2017
$ 45.00

Neoprene snuggie for your beverage.
$ 5.00

Luxurious vinyl-black soft cotton shirt with the ever classic Jimmy's Arcade logo emblazoned across the front of the shirt.
Choose Size
$ 25.00